Chicken sixty five could be a standard chicken dish across Asian nationcreating building vogue chicken sixty five reception is incredibly simpleI even have shared 3 variations of this formula during this web log post. chicken coated in spicy sauce could be a family favoriteyou may love my dragon chicken and chilli chicken recipes.

Chicken 65


  • Step 1: Boneless Chicken 250 gms/1killo ect… Cut into bite size. And add Salt
Born less pieces
  • Step 2: Add 1tsp Kashmiri Powder, 1tsp Coriander Powder, 1/2 tsp Garam masala, 2 tsp Ginger Garlic, 2tbsp Corn flour, 1tbsp Rice flour, 2tsp Lemon juice.
  • Step 3: Mix well.
Add some masala
  • Step4: 1 Egg beat it for a white And add to the Chicken.
  • Step5: Mix really well.
  • Step6: Let it marinade for 15mins.
Mix Chicken
  • Step7: Heat oil for frying. Drop in batches. Do not put too many.
  • Step8: Fry for 2-3 mins over medium flame.
Fry for 2-3mins
  • Step9: Keep stirring in between. Fried enough.
  • Step10: Looks Golden Brown & Crispy.
Chicken pieces
  • Step11: Remove.
  • Step12: Heat 1tbsp oil. And 1/2tsp Cumin seeds, 1tsp chopped garlic.
  • Step13: Fry for a while.
  • Step14: 2-3 slit green chillies. And add 2dry red chilles. And add 8-10 Curry leaves. And add 1tbsp red chilly paste/sauce.
  • Step15: Mix well.
  • Step16: Sprinkle some water. And cook.
Cook well
  • Step18: Add fried chicken pieces.
Add Chicken pieces
  • Step19: Toss well.
  • Step 20: Coat completely.
Amazing look
  • Step 21: Do not over cook.
  • Step22: Mixed well.
Mix Well
  • Step23: Switch off the flame.
  • Step24: Ready to serve hot.
Enjoy : )

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